Alice sensor / sender side
Sampling Ratio k 10%


Sampled Signal xs
Original Signal a90cc4c322f3268b8bda934d39ba2e4a
Step Comment
1. Set the sampling ratio k Defines how much percentage of the original signal is to be sampled. It should meet the empirical "four-to-one" rule for decent reconstruction.
2. Click "Sensing on Original Signal" This will call the internal TVSMG (time-variant sensing matrix generator) to generate a sensing matrix. Then, use this sensing matrix to do sub-Nyquist sampling on the original data.
3. Click "Save to File" (optional) Allow user to download and review related information, including the sampled data (xs), the timestamp, TVSMG seed and the sensing matrix.
4. Click "Send Data" Send the sampled data (xs) and the timestamp to the receiver side.
Transform Visualization Mutual Coherence
(with Sensing Matrix)
IDM (Identity Matrix) n
DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) 1
DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) 2
HWT (Hadamard Walsh Transform) 1