Test User-defined Algorithm

Choose File X (before DR):

Choose File Z (after DR):

Choose File Xr (reconstructed data):

Quick-Start Guide
1. Develop your own DR algorithm and prepare the CSV data files in required format.
The first file is the original data X. The second file is the data Z after DR. The third file is the reconstructed data Xr. The third file is optional.
The CSV files should have no headers. Users can download the sample CSV file for reference.
The three files have the same row number. Z (as the result of DR) usually have much fewer columns than X.
2. Click each file upload input box and choose the CSV file.
3. Click the "Submit" button. The server side will analyze the uploaded files with pyDRMetrics.
4. The result from pyDRMetrics is returned by AJAX and rendered in the web page.