External Raman Spectrometer DISCONNECTED. Cached Data ID: 7044, 7341, 7644

Scan Paramaters

Laser Power 10%

Int. Time 50ms

Scans to Average 1

Boxcar Width 0

Preset Profile


1. Remove the sample holder cover.
2. Place the sample cuvette in the sample holder and adjust its distance from the lens using the Zaxis knob.
3. Replace the cover.
4. Turn the laser safety key to the On position to activate the laser.
5. Set parameters manually or directly load any predefined paramter set.
6. Start one-time scan or continous scan.
7. Review the acquired Raman spectrums.
8. Upload the data, or do a real-time analysis.
Operating temperature range -10 °C ~ 35 °C Power Consumption 25 W
Spectral Range 220-2200 cm-1 Spectral Resolution 2 cm-1
Grating 1200 lines/mm Spectral Line-width < 0.2 nm
CCD Pixel Array 512 x 122 Pixel Size 24 x 24 microns
Full Well Capacity 300,000 electrons quantum efficiency 85% at 250 nm
Dark Noise 200 e-/pixel/sec at 0 °C ADC resolution 16 bit
Lasing Wavelength 785 nm Power Output 70 mW
Integration Time 50ms ~ 100s