This system depends on native Python scripts. The system administrator should do the following to set up this system.
1. Download and install anaconda (includes python and related data science packages).
2. Run "pip install opencv-python" with administrator privilleges to install the OpenCV package. In this system, OpenCV is used for DCT (discrete cosine transform), IDCT (inverse DCT), DFT (discrete fourier transform) and IDFT (inverse DFT) operations.
3. Configure the "NativePythonExe" entry in web.config. Set its value to the physical path of python.exe, e.g., "C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\python.exe".
Implementation details:
This system is developed by a mixture of different technologies / languages. 1) The web protocol handling and data transmission is implemented by the C# programming language and ASP.Net MVC framework. 2) The TVSMG module is written in JavaScript, based on the seedrandom library, which supports seeding PRNG. 3) The CS reconstruction is implemented by Python. A wrapper class is written in C# to call native Python script files.